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State Bar of California 

35th Annual Real Property Law Section Retreat to Feature Lew Feldman

May 21, 2016, 10:30 a.m. 

6th Annual Real Estate Executives Roundtable

Real estate executives from the commercial real estate and finance markets will discuss their views of current market trends - the kinds of deals that are being made, which markets are in demand and which are languishing, whether there's still too much money chasing too few deals, who are today's investors and the role of crowdfunding, what cap rates make sense (dumb money vs. smart money), and the long term impact of chronically low interest rates.

Moderator: William J. Bernfeld, K & L Gates LLP


Lewis G. Feldman, CEO, Heritage Capital Ventures

Fabio Baum, Sterling Bank & Trust

Michael Klein, CEO, Freedom Financial Funds

Lawrence Smoler, Managing Director, Two Bridges Capital

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